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Crosstown Fiber is a Chicago-based fiber optic infrastructure developer specializing in the custom development of wholly-owned fiber optic networks for school systems, large enterprise, data center operators, content providers, IoT services, carriers, as well as municipal and other government agencies. Designed, managed and operated by a team of leading Chicago networking infrastructure specialists, Crosstown Fiber’s network infrastructure is secure, pervasive and scalable. It is designed and deployed 100% below-ground (sub-surface), providing unique routes and strategic alternative paths between data centers, universities, government agencies, and other corporate locations.

Crosstown Fiber provides dark fiber network connectivity for the public sector, the enterprise, and service providers. From greenfield installs to the critical replacement of legacy networks, Crosstown Fiber brings turnkey solutions to our customers by leveraging our deep expertise and by working with partners who provide uncompromised products and service.

The Future of Buying
Dark Fiber

Crosstown Fiber’s custom deployed dark fiber network is unmatched. Each client gets access to a unique network solution specifically tailored to their own business’ needs. Our network is designed with the utmost flexibility, empowering our customers to control transmission speed and the associated costs based on both need and budget.

Fiber Internet

A direct connection to our extensive fiber optic network provides you with flexible, custom configured solutions to meet the unique digital infrastructure requirements of your business. Unlike other options, you control transmission speed and the associated costs based on need and budget.


Our fiber infrastructure services are designed to meet your fluctuating needs easily. You can be assured of fast and reliable Internet connectivity for data sharing, large bandwidth file transfers and many other digital operating efficiencies.

Digital Education

Our network makes it easy for you to link online resources and databases proven to improve the performance of distance learning and shared applications. Coupled with ours and outsourced functions, such as web hosting and server management, we manage your entire digital infrastructure connectivity needs.

Unparalleled Security

As the sole user of your fiber connection, you network and data is impenetrable. can Using ring configurations and diverse paths, our fiber optic network gives you the option of total redundancy for mission critical applications and complete peace of mind.

Our Secret is out: dark fiber solutions with cost, capacity, and quality top of mind

We custom design, build, lease and maintain high-quality, high-capacity, high-bandwidth, dark fiber optic networks providing the infrastructure without the bother and expense of network construction.

Expertise & Industries Served

Our unique and fully diverse underground network makes Crosstown Fiber a top choice for the wide variety of customers that require multiple, diverse fiber routes to maintain business uptime.

  • Elementary and Secondary Schools
  • Hyperscalers & Data Centers
  • Commercial Enterprise & Small Businesses
  • Macro Tower Customers
  • Small Cell Wireless Carrier customers
  • Libraries
  • Municipal
  • Carriers

Every custom solution starts with a conversation

Designing the optimal fiber solution that works for your business means getting to know what your firm does and what you are looking to achieve.. Please provide us with some details to best understand your needs, and we’ll be in touch soon.