Bridging Industries: Crosstown Fiber’s Connectivity Empowers All Sectors

Crosstown Fiber is building the digital infrastructure that drives modern businesses, communities, and emerging technologies. With an expansive underground fiber optic network spanning the city of Chicago, we offer tailored connectivity solutions across diverse industries and sectors.

From healthcare and fintech to data centers and smart city initiatives, our high-capacity, secure, and reliable fiber services provide the backbone for organizations to leverage cutting-edge applications, streamline operations, and foster innovation. With a commitment to continuous expansion and a focus on customized solutions, Crosstown Fiber enables digital transformation across the region.


Reliable high-speed connectivity is crucial for enhancing patient care and supporting the vast data needs of modern healthcare facilities. Crosstown Fiber’s robust infrastructure enables advanced applications like telemedicine, electronic health records, and rapid transmission of large medical imaging files. This approach ensures enhanced interoperability, seamless integration of mobile health applications and telemedicine, while prioritizing scalability, security, and redundancy to support the growing demands of AI in healthcare.


The financial technology sector depends on our secure, high-bandwidth solutions to drive innovation through capabilities like real-time data processing, secure financial transactions, and deployment of new fintech apps in an evolving digital economy. Our network provides low latency and high-speed connectivity, ensuring secure and compliant operations for financial transactions and data processing.

Data Centers

Data centers require uninterrupted data flow, low latency, and high-capacity transfers for scalable, reliable operations. Crosstown Fiber’s diverse underground fiber routes and redundant network paths are optimized for these mission-critical needs. We offer expert solutions in AI, Cloud, and edge computing with multiple layers of redundancy and stringent security measures to ensure continuous operations and regulatory compliance.

IoT Services

The growing Internet of Things (IoT) and smart city initiatives rely on our infrastructure to facilitate seamless communication networks with high bandwidth and low latency for innovative urban projects. Our network supports the extensive data requirements and real-time communication essential for smart city applications, ensuring robust and scalable connectivity.


Crosstown Fiber’s unique underground fiber routes provide carriers with additional capacity and diverse routing options to alleviate network congestion, improve reliability, and manage increasing data traffic demands. Our solutions are tailored to support high-capacity and low-latency requirements, enhancing overall network performance and resilience.

Education & Research

Schools, universities and research facilities leverage Crosstown Fiber’s high-speed connectivity to enable remote learning, access online resources, and collaborate across institutions, helping promote educational equity. We provide high-speed and high-bandwidth connectivity, ensuring secure and compliant data transfer and scalable solutions to meet evolving academic needs.

Government & Municipalities

Crosstown Fiber’s underground fiber networks come with enhanced security features like secure routes and encryption to protect sensitive government data and ensure integrity of critical municipal operations. Our solutions are designed to be cost-effective, scalable, and secure, supporting government responsibilities in managing sensitive information and ensuring resilient infrastructure.

With an extensive fiber network and continuous investment in innovation, Crosstown Fiber empowers organizations across sectors to leverage transformative technologies, drive economic growth, and optimize operational efficiency through tailored, high-performance connectivity. As a key player in digital infrastructure, we are committed to sharing the future of connectivity in the Chicago metro area and beyond.  

To learn more, visit www.crosstownfiber.comDeeply Rooted, Broadly Routed.